Roofers Atlanta – Entrepreneur of the Month!

Hey big shout out to Nike, first of all. I can not tell you how much I love being an entrepreneur. But the big thing for me is to watch all the other entrepreneurs and seeing what they do, how they do it and especially when they start from nothing! Let’s give some props Roofers Atlanta. They can be found here: Roofers Atlanta.

So, what we did is went out into the ‘real’ world and spoke with those who actually started their own business (entrepreneur) from the bottom and they are just booming at this time.

Roofers Atlanta

One of those companies is from Atlanta, GA. They are a roofing repair company that started from their garage. Meaning, just the tools in their garage they started going around town asking those who needed any type of roofing service, but here’s the catch; they did this for half the cost!

roofers atlanta

So, I think what the first ‘secret’ here is when wanting to start your own business is to GIVE FIRST. You see, they probably made $12k their first year. They gave first, built up their customer base and all these referrals absolutely know this roofing company is the best they have ever dealt with due to the what they did for them.

So, now decades later in Atlanta, which is quite a few people, they are booming! There customer service exceeds all others. They get it done right the first time and if they don’t they stay until it is completely finished correctly. They are working for people and they want all these people to be completely satisfied and happy with their work. They take pride in their business.

So, a big shout out to Roofers Atlanta for giving first, helping others first and by doing so they are the number 1 roofing repair company in Atlanta, GA.

Watch this:

There you have it! One of the top-notch roofing companies in the Atlanta community…

Another Great Entrepreneur Tree Service Frederick, MD

Tree Service Frederick

We absolutely love any business that started like Nike! Remember Nike started from the trunk of a car. True entrepreneurism at heart. Well, this company Tree Service Frederick is booming right now and has been for over 10 years, but it had a beginning also. If you live in the beautiful city of Frederick, MD go to their site because their tree service is impeccable.

So, anyway, let’s tell you how this tree service company started in Frederick, MD. It seems for some reason, most of the tree servicing businesses I come across are owned by a Dad and son. Not sure why but this seems to be the thing. Now, the original owner (the Dad) was about 25 when he started this tree care service in Frederick and this was back in 1983. It is now 2016 and the Dad unfortunately passed away 2 years ago at the very young age of 58. Now, his son has taken over full ownership and has already brought his son in to start following in his footsteps with helping run the business. They are growing fast, going into different cities and states as well.

tree service frederick md
Best Tree Service Frederick MD

True entrepreneurs know how to start a biz and that is to give first to their customers and over-deliver. This is the only 100% sure way of getting customers fast and retaining them for years to come. If you try to start a business unethically or by taking only, I guarantee you will not last.

So, back to the way her started, he would go to all the home owners and ask them if they needed their trees trimmed or pruned and would do all of his tree care services in Frederick for pennies on the dollar. Well, by giving first and over-delivering this man made a sustainable tree service business that is continuing to grow.

I’m so happy for stories like this and love to share them with all my customers…Let us know what your entrepreneur story is, we’d love to hear it!

Video on tree trimming:

Atlanta Roofing – Talk About Entrepreneurism Roof Repair

 Atlanta Roofing – Talk About Entrepreneurism Roof Repair!

Wow! Don’t you love how Nike came to start? If you don’t know how lemme give you a lil background on it. The company was founded on January 25, 1964, by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. It’s original name was Blue Ribbon Sports, then officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1971. The company gets its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, need we say more!

These two guys were true entrepreneurs at heart. This is what my entire blog is about Nike, but underneath Nike is the true nature of being an entrepreneur, which is exactly what I am and love. Just like my Dad was back in the day when he started our family Atlanta Roofing business from scratch! Which I need to give a lil love right here to my Dad and if you do live in the Peachtree Corners area of beautiful Georgia, stop by and let them know their ‘other’ son sent you…LOL.

Atlanta Roofing

Okay, so let’s get back to Nike and how these two guys, being the entrepreneurs they are, came to start this great company called Nike. This athletic machine began as a small distributing outfit which was in the trunk of Phil Knight’s car.

Yep, in the trunk of his car!

Nike emanated from these two sources, which are from Bill Bowerman’s thoughts for a much-lighter, more durable racing shoe which he wanted for his Oregon runners. Knight was searching for a way to make money by his love of athletics (true entrepreneur at heart). the way he met Bowerman was Bowerman coached track at the University of Oregon where Phil Knight ran in 1959. Knight was influenced by Bowerman’s desire for better quality running shoes. Between them, the seed of the most influential sporting company grew.

The company flourished from that point on and needless to say Nike is still at the top! So, by following his love and integrating it into a business is a true entrepreneur. You can see all the entrepreneur work by the Atlanta Roofing here

This is why I started my company at Atlanta Entrepreneur Company. I’m going to let every other business owner out there that I can talk to in order to get some Entrepreneur Events going to help those that need our expertise.